APP 1: PrepWorld Factory.

PrepWorld is an organisation who specialise in preparing fruits for all different markets to sell to customers in packets. Established in 2012, they use a wide range of fruits to package to give the customers the best experience in eating fresh and healthy fruits in pots, platters and small grab-and-go bags.

Despite this, all the fruits are carefully produced, selected and prepared in other countries, one example being Chile. A massive £6 million pounds worth of fruit is wasted each year in the factory, due to droppings, damage etc. by the workers who package this beautifully fresh fruit.

Because of this, we have been approached with the brief to come up with an idea to make the workers aware of the cost that this is causing, but also to make them aware of how carefully other workers abroad are producing this fruit. PrepWorld wants their workers to understand that a lot of time and effort goes into this fruit, and wants to deliver it in a universal manner for everyone to see and understand.

What my initial thoughts were was to think alongside the ideas of signs and symbols with this project. Because a lot of the workers may not speak much English, it would not be helpful if they were looking at lots of info graphics with English written all over. Using simple imagery is something I would like to consider throughout this project.


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