Making my cover.

To make my cover for the book, I got a template from Blurb to go with the template I have got to help make my pages for the book itself. Making my cover, I wanted to try and keep it as simple as possible because that is what the book is all about. The only details I need to include on the book are the title and what it is. Because those two pieces of information are self explanatory, I felt I do not need to add anymore.

As I was making it, I thought it would be more appropriate to add a photograph on the page somewhere. I did a few sketches to try and map out how I could lay out my cover, and I decided on keeping the photo and the text separate from each other.

Whilst designing the title, I wanted to keep it professional looking, but I wanted to add a little bit of fun and creativity to the title. The two E’s I thought it would look fun to flip it and swap the typeface for one of the typefaces that I use in the book itself.

Each element on the cover I want it to show what they could be expecting inside the actual book, so I also thought about putting on an illustration of mine on the cover, as well as on the spine.

I wasn’t sure what colour to make the cover of the book, so I had a go at a few different ones. Depending on what photograph is on the back cover, I tried to match some of the colour tones with the colours of the photograph.

I eventually went for a grey background, one of which matches a tone in the landscape image on the back of the cover. I really liked how I laid out the title of Weird and Wonderful, showing the obvious clashing of the typefaces and the unusual layout of it. I felt this compliments the idea of my whole activity book, contrasting well with the subtitle ‘London: photography and activity book’.

Because I wanted something to help fill the front cover other than just the text, I ended up putting the Traffic Light Tree drawing on the cover, to represent what is expected in the book, as well as the style and layout of it.

Similarly, the image on the back shows off my photography, but also shows one location where people can go and explore themselves. I leaked the photograph to go across the spine also, adding some definition to the spine. The small illustration on the bottom of the spine also helps to give people an idea of what the book includes, when looking at it from the side.


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