Map of London.

The only way I was able to get around London efficiently was by using this map in front of me. This map, although it looks a little tatty and messy, was my ‘bible’ in making sure that where I went was at the right place. Each point is numbered with the place and information written separately, and when I went to London, I would plan where I am going and if there was anything else I could visit that was around that area too. This really helped me to get to my places without too much trouble, and I thought this would be an excellent piece to put in the book also.

I decided to include a map at the front of my activity book of all of the locations in one go. By doing this, I got a copy of the map of London on Google Maps, and traced over the main parts of the map. I thought this would be a really nice addition to the book. Because London is so complex to draw, I simplified by drawing only the main roads and the River Thames, then by dotting the areas I have visited around. By doing this, it allows room for people to perhaps doodle on the page themselves and record down anywhere that they have visited to put on the map.

I originally tried drawing the Thames and the roads on one sheet, but there was far too much clash. I then drew out each part separately and combined them altogether. The Thames I wanted to stand out a little more than the rest, because that could be seen as the guide to where you are when you see your bearings from the Thames.

I experimented with different ways of presenting the Thames, in the end I went for the bold blue colour to overlay on the roads, it gives the map a little more depth without it becoming too much in the detail or colour.

I thought about including small sketches on the map to help highlight to people what is where, however because my topics are so varied on the activity book, I couldn’t sketch one sketch for every area that I went to, because my book is about the weird parts of London, not the common parts that everyone knows about.

I stuck to the dots scattered on the page, each one giving a brief idea of where my locations exactly were. I really liked the style of this as a whole. The dots are left hollow for people to colour if they wish, and there is plenty of space for people to write down any other pieces of information and/or discoveries that they have found.

I also included a map of the Kingsway Tram Subway. This was done quickly to give people an idea of where to walk to find the other entrance, but also they can complete the map and write notes around it if they please.

Also, I did the same technique as with the 7 noses. By using Google Maps, I was able to accurately see where the roads were so people could get a good understanding of where they would need to go and what they would be looking for if they were using Google Maps themselves whilst travelling.


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