Feedback from my Pecha Kucha.

We had to present what we had done so far in our FMP to give the audience an idea of what we are doing and where we are at in our projects. The feedback I got with my project were generally quite good, the main points were to focus on the pages to make sure that each page is as good a standard as the rest.

It was suggested I make my boxes look more faded on the page to stop them being so vivid on the page, which I thought was a really good suggestion, as I hadn’t thought about doing that. Personally, my favourite was to reduce the boxes down to 40%, giving them the depth they need but not standing out quite as clearly as before.

I also thought about making my own bullet points smaller on the page, because they can appear quite large on screen, let alone on paper. All of these comments are easily adaptable to what I have done so far, and with this, I hope it will help me to produce an even better outcome than before.


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