My pages.

Now I have got enough photos and information to try and put my book together, I began with what I knew I had. Looking back at the research I had done with the previous activity books and the activities that could be done, I had a look at what images and information I had, and then narrowed down an activity for each page.

All of the pages with illustration are roughly sketched to match the theme of the doodle sketches I have done to keep the book looking more personal than professional. I intend to make a lot of my pages have blank space, to allow room for the audience to enjoy the photos and/or writing or sketching their own thoughts down on the pages.

Because what I am doing is a photography activity book, I have included my own photographs, but I have also left room on some of the pages for people to add their own photos in, some pages even having hand-drawn boxes as ‘templates’ for them to put their pictures in.

Over time, I hope that my book will look messy and used. The purpose of this book is to be used and have the same look as a scrapbook would have.


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