Travelling pt.6

Today, I decided to take an adventure around Paddington and near Hyde Park. It was a really nicer walk around the area because of the peace and quiet happening. A while ago, I watched a program about millionaires in London who build underground-pent suites; I saw one of these being constructed today as I was walking and half the road was turned up! It was quite funny to watch and see exactly where in London this happens.

The first place I went to was the Rolling Bridge. The Rolling Bridge is an installment made in 2004 by Thomas Heatherwick. The bridge every Friday at noon rolls, and then unrolls for people to see. It lasted about 5 minutes, but it was a really cool experience to watch. The bridge when it is halfway up looked massive; a fun experience.

The second place I checked out was the Fake House. The Fake House hides the pathway where an underground rail line leads, giving a fancy illusion of a real house. I heard a story that a long time ago, someone had written invitations to this party and asked for donations from people. The people turned up to this so-called address to find out they had given away their money to someone, and were invited to a fake party!

The last destination was the Smallest House in London! It was built to block a right of way to St. George’s graveyard to deter grave robbers back in the 18th Century. The house is still occupied today to a lucky person, giving a beautiful view of Hyde Park right in front.


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