Travelling pt.5

What I’m noticing as I’m travelling around London, is the tiredness! All of my trips are not to be made in one day, and each page I hope will show that. I intend to show on each page I make for my activity book that you can make a day out of each page, despite there’s not much information on the pages.

London’s only lighthouse 1864-66 at the Trinity Buoy Wharf was the testing venue for new types of lamps and lighthouse technology. The place today is a venue full of art, sculptures and all different things to look at as you walk around. Although the actual venue itself is exciting, I was there for the lighthouse (!), as what the activity book will focus on.

Pierre Vivant’s sculpture 1998 was part of a competition. The Lighthouse Tree imitates the natural landscape and the lights show the rhythm of a never-ending city pattern. The traffic light tree was something really unusual to look for. Although there are endless amounts of sculptures in London, I was really excited to see this. One recommendation would be to view it at night-time to see whether the lights will turn on.

The Greenwich foot tunnel is something a lot of people walk past but have no idea what it is, because there is a massive ship next to it that is a huge tourist attraction. The foot tunnel leads to the side near Canary Wharf, and just the walk in itself is exciting, knowing you are walking beneath the Thames.

Queen Caroline’s bath was the only remains of her house. This bath is shown at Greenwich Park, which adds a nice feature when you are walking around the park. Queen Caroline was the wife of King George IV, who lived in the Montague House 1798-1813. The house was demolished a year after she fled from England.



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