Making my book for Blurb – The beginning.

Because the book itself I wanted to see how it would look before it got printed, I need to first start making my pages. As I travel, I begun to know and understand what I could possible do for each page. I started off with the Gardens section. Because I visited a few of these, I thought it would be nice to merge my garden travels in one section. At the end, I wanted to leave some space for the audience to write down anywhere else that they wanted to go. I originally drew out some rough bullet points (to match the rough sketch theme) in biro, but they appeared to be dissolving as I placed them. I then tried it using a Sharpie, to give it a more bold appearance on the page. I felt this worked a lot better than biro. I will continue to however draw with biro pen, but use a Sharpie for the smaller elements of detail in some parts.

I also found out a really helpful tip in getting rid of a white background. If you double click on the photo and select Multiply, then change the layer display by only a few points, it eliminates white, black or grey.


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