Grown ups need amusements too.

I bought these two activity books to have a broader look at how activity books for adults were structured. Both of the books consisted of never-ending quizzes, puzzles and activities to keep the brain engaged. Some of the activities required more time than others, but they were all engaging nonetheless. What I did find as I was looking through, was that after the book is completed, the assumption would be that you throw it away, I want the buyer to keep my book for reference and inspiration, so I took this thought into consideration as I was scanning across the pages.

Dan Smith’s Think You Know It All? Activity book included topics from around the world. The activities for this book were more difficult to solve and mostly involved around your own knowledge. Although the topics were not related to what I wanted to do, I took note of the paper quality and the style of the book. The whole book was black and white and printed on what appears to be fairly cheap paper. My assumption behind this was because adults will be carrying the book around, it is bound to get scruffy and used, especially when you are required to write all over the pages.

Similarly to The Holiday Activity Book for Grown-Ups. All of the pages were neutral and consisted of minimal illustrations; the majority of the pages were left with space for people to write on. The text on both books was quite large and bold, especially this book.

Both of the activity books were reasonable in size, going no bigger that A4. Although this would be appropriate for an activity book to ensure there is enough space on the pages, I felt that it is a little too big for a handy carry-around book. From first hand experience, it is essential to carry as little as possible to save yourself from chronic shoulder aching…

This has given me a better view of how I would lay out my book. Because I will be using photography rather than mazes and puzzles, I could use my space well with this, and include activities that would include drawing over the photograph, finding where I took the image, having them put images in themselves or even other recommendations going on the page.


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