Emily doodles.

For my book, I wanted to include illustrations. From the research I have done, a lot of the illustrations appear very neat and easy to colour in. I was considering this for my activity book for people to colour in my pictures if they wish, but I want my book to be different to the other activity books.

I began by sketching out some small designs. Personally, I draw at my best when I’m doing line sketch-drawing on images, than focusing on precision. The benefits of my sketching in the book, is that it would give a more personal feel to the book. The illustrations in the book are not going to be the ultimate focus of the book; the information displayed will be what’s important, using the illustrations as decoration. The illustrations however can still be coloured in, although the lines are not refined, you can have fun in colouring in the pictures in your own way, whether it be painting or mark making, you can get sketchy and creative, which is what I want out of this!

I sketched out a few drawings that linked to my travelling around London so far. I feel it is important to sketch as I am going around, drawing anything that inspires me to want to draw that. Ultimately, that could be part of an activity as to what you can notice and draw.

As I was drawing, I started thinking about the text inside the book, and how it would be laid out. I did a few quick examples using my own hand typography, quickly realizing that my typography would be hard to keep consistent on every page.

I had a look at my default typefaces and tried to look for typefaces that had a more freestyle hand rendered feel to them. My favourite was Noteworthy Light, the typeface is clean and feels more personal than using a serif typeface.

Taking inspiration from This Is My London, I will intend to use this typeface for the titles. To complement with the font, I wanted to go for a subtle serif typeface, one that is not too bold, but different enough that the fonts do not blend together.

I downloaded a few fonts from dafont.com to try and find a typeface that appeared even more personal. Mala’s handwriting I felt suited this really well, matching it with the typeface Perpetua, a more delicate serif font that does not overpower the bold typeface. I feel this works really well for the book, it gives a professional appearance with the serif typeface, but also it adds a personal touch with the handwritten typeface, making it more informal in a appropriate way.

What I intend to do from here, is continue to sketch and try to get some pages done. I aim to get 50 pages done, and with 25 places to visit, doing a double page on nearly all of them, with a few extra pages in between, should be achievable.



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