What activities will I do?

Because I want my book to be seen as a working progress of a book, the activities I would want to put in the book should be quick enough so people are not getting bored, but they are challenged enough to want to complete every page with the same excitement to when they first saw what the page was showing. I intend to challenge myself to come up with an activity for every place I visit, therefore I am almost completing my own activity book, but without the fun completion side of it!

The activities I will intend on using are:


Drawing what’s in front of you

Finding something on the journey

Note making

Completing a drawing/photograph

Trying to locate something

Replicating something

Finding multiple things to see and list in one area

Correctly naming / finding something

As I travel to each location, I will set myself a target to come up with an appropriate activity for that place, as well as illustrate some images that would be good for the activity book also.


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