Where will I go around London?

Despite London only looking like a tiny place, it has what could appear to be billions of things to go, see and do. To me, London alone is like travelling alone because there is so much to do there. I had a long look at all of the quirky things to see and do around London that you wouldn’t necessarily go to London to look at if you were to visit or go to for a day.

Because all of the places I have looked at and would like to go to have a story behind them, I feel this could be good for setting up a different activity on each page. Although it may not be possible that I can fit all of the locations on the pages, but I want the journey throughout London to be fun and freestyle, a little bit like I am doing the activity book as I go along, but I am also creating it.

As I will go through the journey, I will need to plan where I will go, how far away each of the sights are and how I will lay out my journey. Already, I have visited Kyoto Gardens but I have learnt to write more notes about my visit and draw more on what is around me. Throughout the next few weeks, I plan to visit the majority, if not all, of these places.

I decided to also map out my locations on a map, so I got a visual understanding of where everything is in London to make it easier when I am travelling. The numbers indicate each location I would like to travel to, and the numbers that are in the border means the locations come off of the map, but they are pointed towards that direction. This has given me a better understanding of the extent to what I can visit and when, meaning I can try and visit more than one place in one day. Over the next few weeks, I intend to explore each of these places and begin to draw out my pages.



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