Let’s take a few years back…

I went to have a look at activity books, and I remembered I had a child’s activity magazine. This was a great example of me getting ideas of what I could include in the activity book for adults. Looking at adults colouring books, it is clear that anyone of any age enjoys activities that involve colouring in, or something that tests the brain in an engaging way. I noticed about the kids activity books, the amount of colour and bold typography they use. In contrast with the adults activity books, they use serif typography and black and white illustrations, in the majority, to give a more professional and grown-up appearance to the books. The similarity that I had picked up on with both both however, is the minimal text that was in the book. The adults books contained more blank space, whereas the kids activity books contain corner to corner filled images exploding in colour.

What I love about the kids activity books, is it gives you a real insight to how engaging and fun they need every page to be. Each page requires time to complete without boredom. This is what I want to show in my activity book for adults. Some of the activities include.


Cutting out

Drawing something for ‘the book’ (e.g. a lollipop for the book because it’s hot)

Making something of your own

Drawing where you went

Finishing off half pieces of work

Joining the dots

Events that happen?

Filling in gaps



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