Mapping out my locations.

I decided to map out all of my locations on a map, so I could visually see how far each destination is from each other. After going through each one and calculating roughly how long it would get there, I narrowed my choices down even further to locations I could realistically do.

As I was looking at destinations for some of the journeys, it was becoming more apparent to how vast this idea of the project would be. My whole idea is about keeping things simple and on a budget, and travelling across the UK, whether on a train or by car, would be quite expensive and time consuming.

I thought it was really good research to explore the ideas of how I would go about to these places and the possibilities of these places, however it could appear too much. Instead of having to think about another idea, I thought back onto London and the travelling I have done with it so far already.

Although there is a lot that has been done with London and touring around London, I know that there is a lot that people do not appreciate enough with London.

Karl Speller’s Secret London book is a perfect example of something that I would like to achieve out of. I love finding places that may not be obvious to a lot of people unless they search for it. The combination of this book with an element of all of the other travelling and touring books could bring up something completely different to any other book about London. The aim for my book is to bring interactivity to people as they explore London. I want people to be able to show their creative side, and make something useful out of the book.


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