Where shall I go?

To make a start on my book, I went to carry out some research on possible places that would be good to travel to and explore in the UK. I wanted to keep my options and places open, so I could see myself the possibilities and opportunities of places I could go to that would inspire others to go there as well.

Some of the destinations are quick and revolve around one object, other places are to view that area as a whole and see what you can find. I thought it would be good to get a range of areas you could explore, especially if one of the destinations was about one attraction, because it would encourage people to look more around that area as they made that journey to visit that one object.

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I wanted to look for places that possibly not everyone would know was around, and I wanted to look at destinations that would be popular, but also destinations that people would feel intrigued about and would want to go and take a look themselves. All of the places that I have selected are places that I could access easily enough. Although some journeys would be a lot longer than others, I would need to figure out how, when and where on those more difficult places.

During my research, I kept in mind also about the cost and the spending of each journey. Being someone on a budget myself, this is what I want to incorporate in the book; I want to show people you can still travel to all of these beautiful places without breaking the bank. This would be evidently shown from the experiments of me doing them myself! What I intend to do, is print out a map of the UK and point out the destinations I have selected. I will also look at the costs if I were to go by car or train, seeing what would be the safest and most convenient route – not necessarily the quickest.






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