Magical Lantern Festival.

The Magical Lantern Festival is a festival to celebrate Chinese New Year. Usually it only occurs abroad, but London was fortunate to have this fantastic opportunity held in Chiswick. The lights displayed magical light displays, exploding with colour and decoration of animals and objects, showing a fun side of lanterns and art.

I thought this exhibition was worth travelling to see, the hour long walk showed lights, patterns and beautiful displays as you walked through, giving you something different to look at all the way through. Although this did not link to my book, it definitely was worth going to have a look at this one in a lifetime opportunity. This exhibition will benefit me however, as it was inspiring to see such a beautiful show entirely out of lights in the dark, making you feel like you are in wonderland. I really enjoyed how they managed to keep you engaged throughout the journey with the exciting designs; a real treat for a family ‘night out’!


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