How to get a good night sleep.

As I was exploring around the heart of London, I decided to extend my personal research in exploring somewhere different. Inspired from the workshop with Carlos, he mentioned the idea of drawing things out and opening your mind to different things, so I decided to walk from Kensington to Chiswick, a good hour or so, instead of grabbing a bus to see what I could find while I was travelling. I was amazed with what I had discovered, despite London is right on my doorstep.

As I was walking, I noticed that the Thames was not looking as built up as it had in the centre of London, people were punting and the housing was looking more like regular streets. Some streets reminded me of small villages. As I was walking, there was a small part of the journey that made me forget I was in London, because I could not see any more office buildings, and the landscape reminded me of scenes that I would find in places like Cambridge.

Although the walk was draining, I managed to get some really good pictures and explore new parts of London that I never knew were around where I lived. I’m really enjoying producing pictures with an abstract feel to them, and incorporate them in my design work.


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