Client: Travel Agents

Product: Interactive Travel Guide

Job Description: Book

What do we want the communication to achieve?

To encourage people to explore more than just the comfort of their hometown without flying. We want people to see how their ‘home’ is interesting and how you can achieve a travelling experience on a lower budget.

Who are we talking to?

People who want to do something different in their lives, especially those who are not fond of travelling across seas. The age range would be between 18-45+, allowing anyone to still experience the chance of exploring.

What is the Unique Selling Proposition?

A book that people can interact with and want to explore the places set out for them, people like having things done for them.

What evidence is there to support this?

Through thorough research, I will explore the places people would like to visit in Britain, as well as giving them other places to go to, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone.

How does the idea want to come across?

Fun, adventurous and exciting. The idea is to make people want to go out and explore these places.

Media requirements:



Some illustration


To be completed by the last week of May


For my FMP, my intentions for this would be to design something that would help to get people to explore their homes a little more. Because people struggle with time and money to go travelling especially, today, by having something set for them that does not require jetting off on a plane, or spending hundreds to fly to see a pretty waterfall, you can do this in Britain, in your own home.

The target audience is aimed for adults who use their spare time in taking a road trip or general exploring. The clients are to travel agents who wish to publish this book, or anywhere else that specifies in people wanting to do something different. Travelling is available to anyone of any age, and if you do not want to step too far out of his or her comfort zone too quickly, this would be an excellent starting guide.

In order to achieve the best possible outcome, I intend to look at books that link to travelling and Britain, as well as interactive books as part of my research. A lot of primary research is essential for this project. I would need to continuously get feedback from my audience to make sure that what I am doing is going to help inspire and motivate people to go out and explore. From this, I will experiment with book layouts and places that would take people’s interest to want to visit that place also.

A challenge I will face for this project is being able to go to all of my locations and getting the best images available, as well as coming up with other parts to put in the book as well. I will need to consider the book material for my photographs, as well as potentially a material that people can write on easily where available.

The overall outcome will be an interactive book for people to take along with them while travelling across Britain. The book could be seen as an activity book for adults; something fun but memorable.


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