Over the course of the 4 weeks of getting this project done, it has been one of the most time consuming projects I have done to date, but it has been a fun experience. The whole idea of the project was based on the idea of sustainability and making it different. The whole process of my idea shows that my design is sustainable by reducing the production of other toxic products, as well as packaging. To me, the idea of sustainability also is about people themselves and their own wellbeing, which is why I came up with this whole idea; I wanted to benefit not only the environment, but also what we put into ourselves. The product I have designed is different with the way it works. There is not yet anything to say this is something that has been considered or thought about.

Personally, I am really pleased with the overall result. I feel I hit the target audience really well throughout this project, making sure that everyone can use this, but also being able to understand it. The better people understand the process of the chip and the app, the more people will learn to understand about themselves, and what their body is asking for without you going to a doctor or having to wait for results.

If I had a lot more time for this project, I would love to have been able to fully design the app, as well as possibly trying to make the mock up of the chip to demonstrate how it will look on a real watch. Luckily, the people who I asked appeared to understand the whole concept of it regardless with the illustrated mock-ups on my photographs.

Through thorough research and experimenting, I don’t believe I could have done much more. As previously mentioned, the Nutrachip could be done realistically, and this is a good example of how something can make the world and us as humans, more sustainable, healthy and aware without it obviously telling you this. I would use this design myself, and I believe that this idea would make a huge difference to a person’s wellbeing and productions of certain products.


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