I wanted to see how my app would look like on a bigger, screen, so what I decided to do, was take the Today page and extend it a little bit further. I did a quick sketch of a layout that ideally I would want my page to look at, taking inspiration from the Fitbit layout. I really liked the grid structure, and the way it presents a lot of information in a fun and visual way, and I wanted to incorporate the same thing in my website.

I decided to use the circles of the ‘nutrients’ to resemble how much a person will have in their system on the web. For example, when you look at fiber, only a small fraction is coloured in its colour, showing 18% underneath it. This gives a visual understanding of how much you have in your body, and ideally, you would need to “fill” that colour in according to what you eat in your diet.

The idea of the website works exactly the same as the app, only it shows the information in a more visual way, because there is more space, I can add more diagrams to help people get a visual understanding.

Similar to the app, when you log in, it shows all of your details saved. You can also change the outline colours (for example, my default shows a bright green around boxes and as the top banner), to a colour of your choice, as the same with the app, and you can change it in your settings.

As this website could be extended, I thought it would be good to have Twitter, Google and Facebook links in order to get the website more recognised by a varied group of people. I think this layout works really well, the simplicity of the design reflects how simple managing everything else can be, and by presenting it in a colourful format, it makes everything not look like such a chore.

Relate this to it being different and sustainable.

As previously mentioned, the whole concept of the app is what makes all of this different. The idea of people being able to read their personal nutrients in the comfort of their home or anywhere without the stress of going to pay to go to a doctors and waiting for results. A needle-free system for everyone to use. Although there is so much about health today, this is something that subconsciously tells you to eat the right foods, without it making people feel like they are having to diet, or even using the word diet.

The sustainability side of it, is what this could bring outside to people; by knowing exactly what their body needs, they can pick up on any deficits, and can even solve some illness problems. This therefore reduces waiting lists to go doctors, and it reduces the production of medicines, which wastes further packaging. Not only this, medicine when disposed is toxic to the environment. By reducing this, we are allowing more room for useful resources, and limiting the production of ‘toxic supplements’ that natural ingredients can provide.


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