We were given the opportunity to present what we had done so far in our projects to a group of people. Despite not having finished the product, anything we still had to do, we had to explain what our next steps were.

I was really pleased with how my presentation went; although I had to cut a lot of information out, people appeared to understand the concept of my design, and how I got there. The feedback I got I was able to construct well with also. I agreed with all of the advice, and I had taken them on board. For example, I tried to explain well how my design is different to anything else in my PDF’s.

I had looked at some app designs, but this was not presented in the presentation as I did not have enough room, and therefore that was risky in helping people to understand by development of research. I did like the idea of presenting a tutorial, and I had written a paragraph explaining this in one of my previous blog posts, to show people how to work the app.

The photography aspect I had not yet done when presenting my project. And although I took on board what one of the feedback suggestions was saying, I felt it was still appropriate to use a clear background to present my product at its best.


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