Suggested foods.

Suggested Foods pageThis page was one of the last pages to design. The whole app is different because it shows a specific person’s dietary needs, which is further added with this page. Personally, I feel that this page is one of the most important pages. Because a lot of people don’t have the knowledge of what they need to eat, this page will show examples of what nutrients their body needs from the last refresh. The idea of this page also, is that when you select on one of the ingredients, it will show the nutritional values of it.

I wanted to keep the ingredients raw and simple. The whole idea of my app is to strip everything down so there is nothing to hide; to show everything, and this is what I feel should also be done with the suggested foods page. The benefit of this is that people can look up recipes that include these ingredients, encouraging people to cook fresh and healthy produce, because their body is requiring that dietary need.

This is something I have not yet seen before, and although there are millions of books, apps, grocery-shopping helping products out there, there is nothing that puts it all in one for your own specific need. This can be seen as educational as well to people, helping them understand what foods contain certain nutrients. Taking carrots as an example, they contain a small percentage of Calcium and Iron, which could substitute foods such as spinach and dairy, allowing more choice and combinations of ingredients for you to hit your daily goals.

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The pictures I chose out my edited versions were the landscape images. I chose this orientation because of the amount I would need to fit on the page. Although you would be able to scroll down to look at them all, I feel that the landscape images would contrast better with a portrait shape, and would give a better grid finish.

I tried doing it so that there were two pictures were row, however as I was doing it I really didn’t like the reduction of the picture. I wanted to show off the ingredients and their details rather than condense them on a tiny screen.

I instead decided to have the images cropped and going across the screen, having each one rest beside each other. I really liked this concept, because it gave enough away of the ingredient to show details, but it did not take up the whole page, allowing a list of ingredients to fall after another. I did try and experiment with the text, adding text onto the image in the corner, and even enlarging it so it overlapped the image. The problem I found with this, was finding a colour match on each image. Because of the different contrasts of colour, the majority of colour on the text could be harder to see than on other parts. I decided to leave text on the images, because the images show what the ingredient already is, and if people want to find out more, then they can click on the image, which can tell them what the ingredient is with the nutritional values etc.

I also thought I would see if my favourite images worked by condensing them down to a smaller space. Because my photography is about capturing detail, I wanted to see if by condensing them down even more, I would still be able to crop it significantly, and still see the images with the details on. Every image appeared to work really well, which I was pleased about. I felt that all of my pictures


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