Product and Food photography.

Because I want to showcase my product as a mock up in some way, I thought it would be useful to get an insight of product photography, and the ways in which products are conveyed through this. Richard Boll’s product photography depends on what the message is trying to deliver. For example, the example of the Breitling watches has a moody set on them with a dark background, and a lot of attention to detail on the product itself. The photography of this is focused on the brand and showing the logo, drawing people in to want to see more.

A lot of his pictures appear to be set up in a studio with a blank canvas behind the product. The majority of the blank canvases are white, to allow the product to be the ultimate focus for advertising, which goes to the subject of the minimalist approach “less is more”.

Similar to Michael Jones’ product photography, where he also pays a lot of attention to the detail in the product, than what goes on around the product itself. Depending on how you intend to showcase your design, but Michael plays around with both the minimalistic background approach, as well as creating a mock up scenery to compliment the product, without it losing attention.

His food photography has really influenced me to think about how I could implement food in my app. His dark style to showcase the rich food gives them an intense appearance towards them. I would really like to see what photography I can get with foods that is around in my house, and try to set a mood on them.

Coming back onto the subject about watches, I had a look at some of the common watch brands and had a look at the way that they present the products. I noticed that in all that I looked at, they all had a white background, or a dark background with the face showing, with a lot of attention to detail on the item itself. This has made me consider on how I would show my product. Although it would only be a mock up based on a real photograph, the photograph itself would need to show detail. The compositions of some of the watches are obvious that the face is the subject to the product, and therefore there does not allow much room for variation of composition for the watch itself.

Food photography was another genre that I wanted to look closer at. Because my project is highlighting food as the subject, I want to see how people show this, and encourage people to eat better with good photography. I feel really inspired by photographers Mowie Kay, Franceso Tonelli and Duncan Lougrey who specialize in food photography. Each of their portfolios show fresh produce that has been made or is in the making, showing the audience a clear view of how fresh everything is. What I really like about their work against others, is that they do not hide anything in the food, they present every ingredient in front on the picture.

I feel with this kind of photography, it gives a lot of reassurance to the viewer who may want to adapt their food lifestyle. By seeing exactly whats in front of you, you can pass judgement in the correct way. I feel by presenting the foods in a bright concept is much more inviting, and people would be more drawn into this, because the produce has nothing to hide.

When I consider this for my app and my photography, I want to make sure that everything is showing, and that there is nothing to hide. By doing this, it builds trust in people to buying the produce that the app and I are recommending for people to eat, rather than buying premade food. The colour and quality can also inspire people to want to go further and cook from fresh with the ingredients that would be suggested for them, alternatively reducing waste, food and creating a better and sustainable lifestyle.

Personally, I think both plain and detailed backgrounds compliment the products equally. Because my product is based on another product, I think it would be more appropriate to showcase my photography against a white background, to allow the chip to be the focus because of its size, than to allow the eye to wander across the page to (e.g. the watch).

I would also need to think about the composition of the watches in the picture, whether I want the face to be shown, or just the strap (?). I think it would look professional having the arm wearing the watch, with the chip on, to show the audience how it would be worn.

With the food, I would like to consider using a lot of colour in the photo. Because my app is bright and minimal, I want to give off this same impression, and show that healthy foods are fun and vibrant. I feel that by playing around with the compositions of the foods more, I can encourage people to want to eat these foods, and therefore make a difference to their diets.


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