Warning page.

When you haven’t recorded any deficiencies or allergies that you may have from some nutrients, this could pop up on your feed, when the Nutrachip is recognizing that your body is specifically low or high in a nutrient. Because nutrients can have severe side effects if there is too much or too little in the body, this will also help to regulate this.

I thought this would be a good option to remind people to put this information in, or to tell people that they are low in something. Iron for example, is extremely important to have enough of this, and a lot of women in particular do not have enough in their diet, causing a lot of fatigue and sometimes more serious side effects.

This will in the long run help people against any illnesses they may be leading up to, and this could therefore stop people taking supplements, going to the doctor, eating foods that are causing this. Therefore, this will help to reduce waste, reduce time and hopefully reduce a lot of illnesses for people who may suffer that they did not know. In theory, it could save lives.


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