Account page.

This page holds all the personal information about the person who has logged in. It will show their profile: age, weight, name etc, as well as a small phrase that will change daily, as well as any allergies or deficiencies they may have that they can record down. This is crucial because if you were allergic to calcium, you would need to record this, so that the chip can recognize this and take into consideration when it is reading your nutritional values.

Account page no banner Account pageI did try and change the top section so that there was a little bit of colour and variation on the page, but I felt it did not look as good as when it was kept neutral. This however did inspire me to think about having the top banner in a specific colour, which you could maybe pick from your profile section to give the app a little bit more ‘excitement’ to the pages. I tried this out, and I really liked the effect of having the left side of the block colour, and the right side showing the faded section of it, giving a discreet variation to it.

I decided to put a blood pressure button on there also, so that whenever you refresh, it records your blood pressure also. Although this is not down to what you eat, it is a small additional accessory to let people know what their blood pressure is, enabling people to monitor them more efficiently.

Slogan examples:

Keep it chip and cheerful

Chip up

Watch it, check it, chip it

Nothing like a chip in the morn’

Enjoy this chippy moment

Bit chippy out here?

Chip what you think

Think what you chip

It’s a chipper!

Time is chipping away

Chips away!

Risk it for the chip

Make a change, make chips

Challenge those chips of yours

Watch your chip today

How chip do you want to be?

Don’t be a chip, be THE chip

Think big. Think chippin’ big


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