Designing my app – Sketches.

I thought it was necessary to draw out some rough examples of what my app would look like. I already knew that I wanted to keep everything simple because of the amount of information that is on the app, so I drew out a couple of examples of some pages that I will be showing as part of my final piece, to give the audience a clear understanding of how the app would work, and what it would show.

I decided I was going to display a total of 7-8 pages for my app: Log in page, Main homepage, Specified nutrient page, Charts page of a particular subject, Account page, General overview and Suggested Foods page. All of these will give an understanding of the design of the app, as well as how it would function, and whether it is clear enough to navigate and understand. I plan to have a lot of charts on the app to abbreviate the extensive information, so it is aesthetically pleasing to look at, as well as easier to understand instead of having a bulk of text to explain.

I am deciding to keep text to a minimal, using colour and graphs to explain the majority of the information. The text I plan to use a simple font; Helvetica is my favourite choice for its neutrality and easy to read. I have also made the decision to do my mock ups on an iPhone 6, a Smartphone that is popular and used worldwide. The screen size as well will show an understanding of roughly where everything will sit on any screen. The only changes that could occur it the text being more spread out. I do intend on making mock ups of how it would look like on a PC and a tablet also. I think it would be a good idea to be able to update your results all the same on a PC and a tablet to give more variety on where people can see their results.


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