Chip design.

From all the research I have done for this design, I decided to make the chip of how it would look like standing on its own. The plastic is see-through, allowing you to see the design pattern that I will incorporate throughout the design. The logo itself is embedded in the plastic, creating almost like a watermark on the plastic, to give it a nice professional and clean finish, keeping the whole design simple. I have still incorporated the elastic on the side of the chip, to allow more flexibility and to allow the chip to be attached onto all kinds of watches, making the limits endless to what you can attach this to on your wrist.

There are two clear sides, the side with the pattern on is where all the information and function is stored and fed as you wear the chip. The other side is the button you click to activate it, and a small red LED light, which will tell you if it is activated or not. As soon as you turn it on, a notification will appear on your phone. Similar to Bluetooth and Chromecast, once it is switched on, the connection will automatically be available on your app. If other people were to use it, it would detect different electrons and chemicals, and therefore it will either send a message to another app connected, or it will ask to set up a new account.

Because a lot of watches are attached with one single strap, I thought this could be an issue when people want to buy it and attach onto a metal-type watch. I then came up with the idea of the watch strap having a plastic that would bend and stay in the specific shape you want it to.

I still wasn’t completely satisfied with the result, so I did some more thinking. I then came up with the idea of putting both the previous design concepts together. I thought of having a ‘strap on a strap’, a chip that you attach onto a strap of something on your wrist (preferably a watch).

Overall, I decided to come up with an idea like this. The chip can be taken on and off on any watch with a see-through plastic material. The straps will be adjustable to the width of what you are wearing on your wrist, and the tip of the end will there have the activation button. I thought this would be a lot more appealing for everyone, as well as be more useful to everyone, because it is suited for almost any product your wear on your wrist and will only be about the size of a memory card chip (1 inch approx.). I feel a lot more satisfied with this mock up, it shows exactly what the product should look like, as well as give you an understanding of how it would be functioned.


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