Saatchi Gallery, Somerset House and Lumiere Lights Festival.

Over the weekend, I thought I would use the opportunity to go up and view the Lumiere lights festival, while I was up there, I did a walk around Saatchi Gallery and Somerset House also, getting in some photography on the way.

The Saatchi gallery I thought was surprisingly inspiring to look at the artwork. Although they had no relevance to my current project, it was really interesting to see the different mediums and materials used to create a piece of artwork. What caught my eye the most was the stuffed horse called Moje Sabz. The artwork relates to the subject of magic realism, and although I did not quite understand the real meaning of it being subject to the ‘green movement’ uprising in 2009, I thought it was really interesting nonetheless.

Julia Dault’s work of the abstract materials was the other object I found caught my eye, the colours and the abstraction of the sculptures drew me to look more at them. The artist herself, all of whom depend on the straps to keep them all contained, ties the sculptures together. She refers to the colours and style of her work as ‘dirty minimalism’, resembling the minimalist art movement with the reflecting and palettes of the plastics.

Somerset house included an exhibition that was about the title ‘Disorder’, where photographers were asked to define this term in their own perceptions. This really drew my eye to this exhibition, being about photography, I felt it was appropriate to visit and see what photography is exhibited today. I managed to catch the exhibition on the last day it was being viewed, so I felt very fortunate to attend last minute.

There wasn’t a specific photographer that I felt stood out against any of the others, because every photograph was different in their own right. It was inspiring to see the different photography, and how photography can be professional in any shape or form, depending on the meaning of the photograph. Some photographs were more detailed than others, but every picture tells a story, and because every picture tells a different story, it makes every image unique in its own right, and that to me is inspiring because of not how good the quality of the image it may be, but what is happening in the image.

The Lumiere Festival was definitely worth going to. Shamefully I could not see all of the lights as they turned on at 6:30pm and I was on a tight schedule, but the lights that were on were incredible. I was able to see the Garden of Light, Keyframes, 1.8 London, Brothers and Sisters and Lightbenches. The Luminéoles (fish) would have been my favourite, but I was only able to catch them being set up with no lights on. This was certainly an incredible experience nevertheless; the designs and the concept behind them was worth going to London to look at, and it has inspired me to want to do some more photography at night in London, because the city at night it something I think it always worth staying up or travelling early to catch.


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