Logo design.

After getting some ideas for inspiration from people, I decided to come up with a simple logo for my app design, because I am making this into a brand in itself. I wanted the logo to in some way resemble the idea of the idea concept finding balance in an individual, as well as showing that this app will solve all the complexities of dieting and what everyone ‘needs’ in their body. Ultimately, the whole design will be simple to look at, but it will be simple with a modern twist of keeping everything appear a little bit abstract.

At first, I was a little bit against the idea of having the initials as part of the logo, wanting to challenge myself, I wanted to incorporate an image as part of the logo. As I was drawing the logo, I was especially influenced with the idea of the heart pulses and using mathematical equations, which in the end left me with the interesting idea of combining the initials as part of the heart pulse. I felt this works really well with the whole design, because it shows what the idea will be about, without putting in your face that it is about living a healthier lifestyle. Like the chip, I want everything a little bit discreet, instead of showing it off.


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