I decided to go on to drawing some pictures to get an idea of what my machine would look like, and I decided that I wanted to keep the layout of it as simple as possible. The reason behind this, was because I wanted the machine to be easy to carry around if someone were to put it in their bag, and by having a fancy design for the out-skirts, it could waste space in the bag.

I ended up having the shell in aluminium, and rubber to protect the design of it. The designs I took into consideration of creating as much space as possible when storing it away, thinking of the packaging being folded up and having it flat. My favourite design was the rectangular shape with the bars lined up in rows. I thought this was the most appropriate option to take, as it is easily stored as well as it doesn’t use up much space. It would be better to consider it to have an on/of switch on it also, to help save the battery when you are not using it.

Although the idea of the use of a machine would work really well, I wanted to keep my options open to how I could make this. With a machine, as good as it is, would waste space regardless, so I wanted to think about condensing down the design. I decided to draw out the idea of having a band you can put around your arm, where it would read the same as the other machine, but instead of it showing on a machine, it would automatically connect to your device on the app and show your results that way.

I then extended it further, because although I liked this idea, I wasn’t sure if people would want to have to roll u their sleeves to put it on, or want to wear it in the first place. The idea for my product is to make it as easily used and accessible as possible. So I thought of the idea of condensing it even more into a chip. Again, this scans all the same as a machine and the band, but the benefit of this is it could attach to your watch. This way, it is easy to disguise against anything else.

Similar to the machine of its functional ability. The heat from our bodies will generate the chip and the chip will read the blood vessels scanning through. It could work through heat energy going through it, and therefore charging it. You could have a button to click in order to start the process of it. When the button is pressed, a small red light could appear, indicating it is on, and it will turn off when you switch it off. You can either have it constantly running all day, constantly monitoring you, or you can do it whenever you feel like.

As I thought of these ideas, I thought about the FitBit and the Apple Watch. Both of these read information in different ways, but I wanted to try and incorporate this sort of idea into my design. The idea of having something lightweight that you can almost forget about while doing your daily activities seems the most appropriate. Moreover, as we are all carrying more stuff than ever, such as laptops, phones etc. wherever we go, I wanted to try and create something that does not add to this extra weight you carry.



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