Blood tests.

I found on this website that you can see through blood tests what deficiencies you may have, as well as telling you which vitamins you are lacking of and how much of which you should be taking. This is the route I want to extend down on, although this already suggests everyone will know exactly what they need in their diet, it is not allowing people to detect a variety of deficiencies they have.

In order to make this different but also in some way better, my plan is to create a machine that detects a whole variety of vitamins in one go. The app that can connect to the machine also will tell you and show you all the information you need right in front of you, allowing you to save, come back to previous days and help monitor a lot closer. My idea as well will work in a way that it can be done daily or weekly. You just need to allow the machine to read your DNA and it will read from what your body at that current time has and needs.

Because I want my target audience to be everyone, I have to be considerate of those who are not bought with the idea of a blood test. My solution to this is alternatively having an ultrasound machine. The results of a previous investigation back in 2000 suggested that ultrasounds give almost identical readings to having a blood test. The idea is to create a painless experience that is stress-free to those who are not keen on the idea of a pinprick, let alone a blood test. Another benefit of this is the hygiene aspects and reduction of waste of needles. This has inspired me to think about having a ‘friendly’ way of having everyone to be able to read what they need in their bodies, which makes it different to anything else that is out there. To get best results, I would most probably suggest on the design to allow the scan on your wrist, where blood vessels are highly visible and close to the skin. Alternatively, the readings could be done using a saliva test, which in theory would be cheaper if I was to think about this realistically.




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