Questions I need to ask myself.

How is your idea different? In what ways?

What is your message?

Who is your client?

Who is your audience?

What do you need to do next?

In terms on analyzing my project and making sure that it hits the brief in the best way possible, I intend to think about these questions throughout. with my design, I know that there is a lot of information, designs, theories in relation to my topic. Just like any other topic in the world that has an issue behind it. My idea is different because it will be able to analyze a specific person and their personal needs, rather than judging by the government’s theory of an average person.

The message I am trying to get across is to get people to understand their own body more. By understanding more of what your body requires, it enables you to be able to take deliberate action. Nowadays people assume they know what to do with all of the diets and detoxes that are around in order to lose weight, maintain, gain weight. I will be showing people that it is down to what you do put in your body, than what you take out.

My client would be towards companies who specialize in health and nutrition. This could be from gyms like Virgin Active, to Holland and Barrett, to nutritionists. The audience is addressed for everyone, everyone who intends to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

I will look at a lot of history behind nutrition, the changes over the years, as well as technology. I will want to make sure my product is the opposite of what the market shows of a product not having a long ‘shelf-life’. I will try to look at how I can function the product, and make sure that the design of the app and the product itself is easy to follow for everyone.


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