My idea.

I first began to do a quick brainstorm of the first topics that came to my head when I visited this brief. What jumped out most with the brief was the idea of a new world and sustainability, and with this I feel I need to design something that would change people’s views on something.

After that, I did a little bit of convergent thinking with the analogy of a cup. I noted down what a cup does and why. I then went on to think what happens with a cup when you open it, and thought more on the possibilities of just a cup with this sense. By doing this, I was able to think of the different ideas that are different to what happens with a normal cup, and make it into something else.

I then decided to narrow my ideas down to the idea of health. The idea of stripping the cup down and even inside out influenced me to think about us as humans, inside out. Because the world’s population today is growing in obesity, people are trying to make a change, but how much change are we really experiencing?

We do not know what every single person in this world actually needs unless they want to have multiple blood samples and pay a lot of money, but I know a lot of people do want to make a change, but they don’t know their specific dietary needs, not even myself.

I thought of coming up with a reader, where you would put a sample of your DNA (whether it be your blood, saliva etc.) on/in a machine, and it would calculate specifically what your body needs on a daily basis.

The machine would have a cable to attach onto your PC/Smartphone, where an app will appear and save the results daily. The app will have your details on beforehand, with your goals. There will also be another app that connects with this which tracks your calorie and nutrition intake. It will run in sync with the other app, so when you put in food, it will calculate what you’ve had and what you still need.

The idea of the first app determines you on a daily basis how much nutrients you need to achieve your goal, the other app is purely an add-on so you can track what you are eating, to achieve the best possible results.

The machine will have 24 key nutrients your body needs, and when you put the sample on, it will record and next to each topic, it is colour coded with 10 small bars to represent 0-100%, and the colour will fill each bar based on how much your body currently has, the rest determines how much your body still needs.


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