Design Factory brief.

How might we reimagine the making of things to reimagine the things themselves?


Design! Make! Buy! Use! Dispose? Design is part of a linear industrial production system that too often takes things from design to disposal. We face a future of limited resources, but we still evaluate good design primarily by aesthetics or utility. Both of these criteria are important, but on their own they may not address the larger system in which the design is implicated. The alternative demands us to ask, critically: ‘What is the design made of? Who made it? For whom? Where does it come from? What happens to it next?’

The objective of this project is similar to the one I had done previously last year. The outcome must be presented on either 4 boards, or 3 boards with a 3-minute video, plus a written statement of 500 words.

When I think of a brief like this, I immediately think about packaging’s and what objects we have in the world that are classed as sustainable. I will plan to address this idea of sustainability throughout my project, and take into consideration anything that I will be designing; it must be suitable for everyone.

I also have to consider the idea of it appealing to every one of all ages worldwide. In order for something to be effective and limit people to throwing it away, it has to be useful to everyone to be able to use. I’m really inspired with sustainable design, and I will try to look at the recent designs that have been introduced, and how I could incorporate this style into my own form of communication in my work.


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