Final Posters.

I merged the poster designs in with a few advertising templates that you would find in the city so that a lot of people would view them in one go. I thought that these worked really well and look like they will stand out well, making people want to stop and look at it. I purposely kept the typography small at the top of the advertisement posters, because I want people to have to come up to the image and take a proper look at what it is trying to say. I feel this way, the poster will be more memorable this way, especially if people are trying to brush past it on a busy day.

I have put the scan code in as well so people can scan the code, and similar to the book, a page will appear with the images in full, and the co-ordinates of where I took them, along with the book title where people can buy the book if they wish to do so.

I even developed it a little bit further by seeing what it would look like as a book. I did a rough template of two double pages to get an idea of the simplicity that I wanted to convey if I was to put it in a book. With the list of plates, I even added co-ordinates at the back in reference to my pictures, so people can look it up and see where I have been taking my photos. This adds a nice touch so the book, and would help to encourage people to go out and explore.

I would love to keep going with this project and make canvases, coasters etc. to them. The posters have a nice theme and hopefully the photography will show that you can go out and explore no matter where you are.

These are my images to present. I have 3 pictures that I have taken, and transformed them alongside with others that I have taken to make these final 3 posters:



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