Touch ups.

I eventually narrowed my 3 final posters to these. I thought I would go a little bit further and try to improve my posters as much as I could. I began with adjusting the text slightly, making sure that there were no single words left on any lines. I also put in the people who mentioned the quotes and the dates of when they were. This means that when people read them, they know where it would have come from, and show the variation of people who mention the same topic.

In terms of international citizen also with this, it shows that worldwide people are trying to address this issue, and to motivate anyone and everyone to allow time for them to explore.

I changed the colours of some of the titles, but this took away some of the effect of the picture by adding colour somewhere else on the page that was not needed, therefore, keeping all the text neutral helped to keep the idea of the poster in focus. To expand upon this further, I considered where I would put this poster to make it visible to everyone, and posters in tube stations and bus stops appear to be the most popular.

Because the pictures are fairly abstract, it would be nice for the public to know where I took the pictures. By adding co-ordinates to the page somehow would seem like a nice addition, so if I was to put a barcode in the corner where people can scan the poster, it could link to the possible book I intend to make, alongside with the list of plates of co-ordinates of where I took the the end of the book.


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