Inspiring quotes.

I carried on finding quotes that I felt were inspirational and presented the point of people being encouraged to go out, take risks and enjoy seeing the world beyond walls.

Chris Todd is the Eastleigh football manager who 7 years ago got diagnosed with leukemia. The change in this completely turned his life around, creating new opportunities for him such as writing, singing and acting. I saw this interview on the BBC channel this morning (5th December), and one quote stuck in my head, which was the definition of my whole project:

“You have to get out of the bubble, a lot of people get stuck in doing the same thing day-in, day-out and they got through life like that.”

This particular quote really inspired me, and it is definitely a quote I will be putting on my poster. Although none of the quotes are in relation to each other, they are all quotes said from different people, all addressing the same topic. This is what I find really interesting when I research the quotes, finding what different people are saying or how they are putting this message across to people, trying to get everyone to understand.

My method for making these posters (and hopefully a book later) is similar to this. The posters are addressed for everyone to see and realize there is always time in life to go out and explore no matter what age/where you are; there’s always somewhere new to look, an infinite amount for us to see in a lifetime, and that is what makes adventuring so special.I also found a quote from Walt Disney, and a quote that had always stuck with me “We can stay where we are and hope your dreams come to us or we can go out and find that better place”, who I could not find a reference to.



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