My posters.

I decided to make a whole range of posters, from here, I can narrow down to what ones are my personal favourite and what ones merge well with another. I decided on doing a few of the patterns in different styles, but you can still see the theme going through. I feel that contrasting the environments between city and landscape really shows well in my pictures, and the abstract feel to them draws people in.

For some of the posters, I plan to not have any text written on them at all. I feel that the image itself is quite powerful and draws people in without needing any text. I think that by doing this, I have shown to people that it is better to go out and explore what is around you. Taking a 30-minute walk and opening your eyes makes you notice different angles and perceptions in natural landscapes and the beauty of city landscapes even.

I couldn’t pick out a favourite out of the posters. I feel every poster I have made tells a different story, and gives another clue of what my adventures are like. Previously, I mentioned in turning my posters into a book. Because there are hundreds of patterns to create and an infinite amount of photography to produce, a book to show these environments with quotes could be a really nice addition after this project instead, considering the brief was to submit 3 pieces of work.

For some of the posters, I did try to make use of the 5 senses I had previously researched. I really liked the idea of implementing a pattern that symbolizes the senses that we have, and how each one is enhanced when we explore. The images produced from these are not meant to be obvious to what they represent, because they are symbols. The idea of them is that there will be something beside them to explain what the image is trying to tell you, giving a little story behind the making of it. This gives the image a more personal touch to them, knowing that there was a reason to the making of them all.


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