Practice image.

Practice imageI decided to do a quick mock up of one poster design to see how the photography will go with the pattern. I thought this was a really good turn out and I like the contrast in the environments and the colours. The poster is not meant to obviously show what the pictures are, only elements so people would have to stop and look at it; the detail would be enough to keep the audience engaged with the picture, and also alongside with the text that would follow from it at the bottom.

I used the fonts American Typewriter and Gill Sans, two delicate fonts that compliment well against each other. I put a small phrase at the top of the poster, which is what I intend to put on every poster, unless all of them were to go in a book. The reason for this is so people can understand what the poster is about and understand the underlining reason. If I was to produce a whole series of them and put them in a book, the phrase would be the title of the book.

The idea of having these as posters, is I intend to put them in a delicate frame but not one that is entirely clear. Personally, I think having a white frame on the posters give them a more personal and “homely” approach to them. I like the idea of the only colour that will be showing on my pictures will be on the patterns themselves, allowing them to stand out against everything else.


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