Adventure and encouragement.

The theme I want to relate my project on is about encouragement to people worldwide to go out and explore and enjoy your surroundings. I thought of this idea when I was looking at travelling myself and heading off to Thailand, which was abruptly stopped due to money and studying.

I thought of the idea of influencing and inspiring people, giving them encouragement and motivation to want to do something and acting upon it, worrying less and enjoying your life a little bit more. This gave me the idea of producing posters that shows this and researching quotes that relate to this idea.

The benefit of this idea is that it would appeal to anyone worldwide and to all age groups. The posters can inspire anyone about anything and can be hung up on the walls and perhaps developed into other objects so people can look at it and feel inspired anywhere they go, giving them encouragement to want to explore the natural beauty while it is still around.

I also want to build a small awareness of the fact that the environment is changing, and that nature is being overtaken as well as our will to want to explore. Because we are fixated on the idea that we go from studying to work suddenly, we forget to admire the changes that are happening outside city environments.

I found this poster and I really liked the style of the contrasting environments alongside with the quote at the bottom. The minimalist approach is inviting, making you stare at it for a long time. The typography at the bottom relates to the image but is not direct, which is similar to what I want to adopt. The style of photography reminds me of the film camera quality, which I think would look really nice to use, so I may experiment on that alongside with my digital camera also.




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