My proposal.

For my project, I will produce a set of 3 posters that shows encouragement and motivation for people worldwide to get out and explore the natural beauty. The world’s surroundings are being suffocated by city landscapes and pollution, leaving limited time and space for the Earth’s natural beauty to be the reason we were put on this Earth.

I will present this by including my own photography, demonstrating the contrast between the city and natural environments, and use quotes and phrases to encourage people to go and do something they wouldn’t do on a daily basis; take a risk and enjoy it.

More people are wanting to live in the city to seek a job and pay their bills, and fewer people are taking “time out” from this to have a wander and explore. We are getting more used to seeing a back garden or a building backed onto you than seeing untouched nature or the beauty of skyscrapers and architecture.

80% of UK residents alone suffer with depression from work and stress and regret not taking any time off to do what they wanted, developing a “bucket list” that never got completed. The posters are demonstrated to people who needs that encouragement and motivation to take risks and make time in your life to do something that doesn’t involve sitting inside buildings.

The theme International Citizen for me will be targeted to everyone worldwide, and how this affects us all. I would like to even inspire myself in this project and show how exploring doesn’t have to mean going abroad, it can be as easy as a walk through an unfamiliar park near you and opening your senses to see what you can discover.


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