Style guides.

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A style guide is a set of standards that someone who is designing from or using must stick to when designing that object. It must address the font used, how it should be positioned, colours and the making.

When making a style guide, it is important to note and demonstrate what is allowed, what is not allowed, colours used, proportions, sizes of the logo and type and what the elements mean if there were elements specifically included.

I decided to do my own version of this for Vivienne Westwood’s logo. Being such an iconic logo, and having a lot of thought put into the elements with it, I had to think about the restrictions and the stages of the logo being made and the breakdown of it.

I wanted to keep it all really simple, similarly to VW’s old logo, with having minimal colour adaptations, apart from the gold colour to represent her power and royalty, but also adding a beveled version for her more expensive range of clothing when it would be promoted.

vw patternI specifically wanted to keep some flexibility on what patterns and colours can go underneath her logo, because VW uses all the colours and patterns you can imagine, and coats it over with a gold logo to show it is part of her work. I wanted to keep this because it is clear that this is what VW would want with her logo, to match with anything.

Although her work is all about being creative, the style guide I wanted to keep as simple as possible, allowing no attention to detail on the page, allowing the information on the page itself to be the point of attention, to make sure others are designing the logo correctly and efficiently.



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