My own version of noticing.

As I went on my trip to Bexhill, I noticed a window (mundane object) had been completely cracked on the way to the beach, and I thought the pattern left from the cracks was really interesting to look at. I love seeing this kind of thing, it looks like artwork by accident to me, especially as the way that the cracks and formed are irreversible and you cannot create something like this by accident. If there wasn’t a sharp drop at the other side, I would have encouraged someone to go in front of it to take a picture of their face within the cracks, and seeing what abstract features I can get out of it.

Because Costa is somewhere I go on a daily basis to do my work, see my ex colleagues and enjoy my daily Americano, I thought this was the perfect spot to sit and listen for a few minutes to see what I heard. Costa CoffeeHere is a picture of exactly where I was sitting while I was taking the picture. The place is within a supermarket, so the amounts of sounds ringing through are endless:

A small kid screaming from downstairs

Cages rattling

The milk churning

The air nozzle to heat the milk

Background music

Timers bleeping

A woman’s heels as she marches to the bar

Cupboard banging

Cutlery clinking

The handle when the barista pulls to get the ground beans

Trays and chairs scraping for dear life

Faint blinking of the scanners downstairs

Extracts of conversations from people to my left and behind

Another crying baby

Announcements to customer service

Dishes being put in the dishwasher

The plastic wrapping of food

The coffee grinding

When you are not concentrating on hearing, everything sounds more blurred apart from the obvious louder sounds. This was really interesting to think about in opening your senses and limiting one of your senses that you use every day.

The last part of the noticing task I decided to take, was trying to understand what I don’t realize, but someone else does.

I met up with my blind personal trainer who I work with, and we had a conversation about a book. He suddenly stopped and said, “Can you smell that? That woman always smells so nice…” funnily enough I had no clue what or who he was even talking about. This was one of the most interesting observations out of this whole task, because it was something that I was not expecting to hear or see or smell. I couldn’t smell anything, but he could smell it really strongly. My conclusion for this was because he is blind, he has to rely on all of his other senses and therefore they are all enhanced, more than mine anyways.


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