Effective brands.

I had a look at some effective high-end clothing brands and their logos that have been successful for years, and I thought it was quite interesting to see what made them so successful.

The brand itself has been around for a very long time. The logo itself is very simple and classic, not allowing any additional detail to be added onto it. The typography is classical and handwritten, making it more personal and special to the consumer. Gucci Cucci logoGucci

There are various logos for Gucci, the title and embellishment they put on bags etc. The logo itself makes a bold statement with its obvious spacing and the embossing makes the logo appear confident over the rest.

Armani Armani logosArmani

Armani is the title that is very simple but striking with the tiny elements of detail. Alongside with the sharp edges on each serif letter, the R includes a curve, which gives the title a touch of detail and precision. What I found especially effective in the title was that it could be developed into all different logos that all link also, which I find makes a very successful brand. BurberryBurberry

This logo reminds me the most of Vivienne Westwood’s logo. The logo itself is very traditional and has hardly changed since it was first created. Burberry hides no secret of it being traditionally British. Personally, I find the logo is a little bit dated, but that adds to the style of it being traditional, which is what makes it so effective.

Other effective brands are:

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