Personally, I thought there would be more of a catch to the movie as it was running, but the catch would have been with the cards not around it.

When you are engaged with one thing, it can be hard to notice what else could be going on around you also. A common term called neuroplasticity is where the brain changes by the habits that you do. This means you can make a habit out of not putting blinkers on when you are trying to find ideas around you and nor narrow possibilities.

It has even been proven to increase your chances of happiness if you live in the present, which increases your chances of noticing more things, as you are keeping options open for the future.

When you are away from home, your brain is more active on discovering new things that are around you, because the natural habitat and environment is different. This I found was an interesting insight in being able to open your mind up to different possibilities around you, and therefore being able to see more.

Experiment 1. How would you sell food colouring in an advertisement, using these images?

“Imagine the endless possibilities in food colouring, not only does it make your baking look half decent, it also can make a piece of artwork in many forms. One of which would be pouring the dense liquid in water and watching it disperse through the water, where the molecules once again meets at the bottom.”

Experiment 2. Close your eyes, and allow someone to describe something such as cutting some fruit. Describe all of your senses in this.

“Taking away such as sight allows you to open up your other senses more, making you more aware of what’s going on around you.”

Experiment 3. Put a raisin in your mouth and try to describe what you feel.

“It felt quite rubbery, like it was also squidgy like something slimy was waiting to burst out… it was ok.”

How would you define…

  • Imagination = Opening your mind to new and endless possibilities.
  • Perception = Changing/Adapting the way something is or has been. **Both interlink**

“Be more dog”? The idea of this task was to open up your senses and see all of the endless possibilities of where things were or why they are or even how they look. The moral of this was to not narrow your ideas, and sometimes the weirdest ideas create the best ones.



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