Before I start to put together my spreads, I decided to sketch out a few ideas based on each article idea that I had. Depending on the topic of the article and the magazine, some of the spreads appear to have a lot more text on it, whereas some are almost purely image-based. I prefer the idea of using less imagery for my articles than to overwhelm the page with grids of pictures and/or text.

I believe that the ratio of image to text in a decent looking article should be either 2:2 or 2:1, meaning the spreads have an equal amount of image to text, or there is slightly more imagery than text itself, but still leaving enough ‘breathing space’ on the page. I really like the idea of having a panoramic image going across two pages, or having one image fill one side, allowing the picture to max its potential in attracting the viewer, whilst also ensuring they can read the article with ease on the other side.

I intend to use the rule of thirds in my images as much as possible. Using the rule of thirds gives a clean finish to the image, and straightens the picture up to give it that subtle additional professional touch to it. I love using the rule of thirds, as it can transform the whole image by aligning it only around 5 degrees; it can make all the difference.




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