Joseph Müller-Brockmann.

Joseph Müller-Brockmann was influenced by all different art movements such as constructivism and the Bauhaus. The Swiss designer was known for his daring posters and unusual grid layouts that followed behind each one. His design work revolves heavily around contrasted photography that lacked variation in colour, but the text brought out the poster into something historically iconic.

What I found especially interesting in his work, was that the grid layouts that he had presented were not in the usual form that we may see today. His grid layouts were in all different directions, but they were in directions that flowed alongside with the image, rather than against it. The text became part of the image and sat beside it, rather than fight against the contrast of them both.

I love the style he has used in his posters. I feel very inspired to think about what he has done in his posters to implement them in some of my work. Although I would like to try his technique out in the grid format, I think it would be more appropriate to keep the grid format horizontal or vertical, despite the image because of the article people would be reading, I will undoubtedly love to try out his style in another up and coming project. His simplicity in his images appear very striking in themselves, meaning no more detail is needed on the page.



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