Because I want the design of my magazine articles to all be minimal, I feel that the typeface should reflect this also. As well as going with the theme of the overall magazine, the majority of the texts in articles are written in a serif font, because of the formality of how it looks on a page.

I really like the idea of having complimentary fonts working beside each other, such as a serif and a sans serif. I think this gives a subtle but fresh look to the page and on the text, without the typefaces going against each other too much or clashing with the rest of the layout.

My favourite complementing typefaces would have to be the classic serif typefaces such as Georgia or Garamond, and these mix well with Helvetica, my favourite typeface. The typefaces are simple and easy to read, but they also add a subtle effect to the rest of the page. I would like to use these fonts in my magazine articles, I don’t feel I would need to try using another typeface, because these typefaces are clean and simple, which compliments the whole idea of all of my articles.

I saw an extract from the book “Book Design” by Andrew Haslam, and he quotes

“Magazines often make use of ‘pull quotes’, enlarging a section of text to draw the reader into a particular article.”

I thought this was a really interesting note to think about when designing my layout, and also to think about what typeface would be best suited for a sub heading, whether it be matching the title, text or another typeface in itself. Although this may work, I think keeping the typefaces on a page to having two maximum is enough without the page beginning to look cluttered. Alongside this, I would need to consider the sizes of the typeface. Often in magazines, the typefaces in text vary from 10-14pt depending on the article. I would like mine to be nearer the 10pt than have a bigger size personally.

Looking through some of the magazines, I noticed that the majority of the articles were written in serif font, with only sans serif on the drop cap or mentioning a name at the top of the page etc. I would really like to stick to this theme throughout myself, keeping everything the same as the theme running throughout.


Book Design by Andrew Haslam Page 104.


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