Editing my pictures.

After editing my pictures, I had a better idea of what sort of images would suit best for the specific articles. After having a go at the panoramic piece, although it seemed like a good idea, I could not merge the images well enough for a decent enough photo; the compositions of each image was too out of place because I did not use a tripod, and therefore the structure of each image was different.

Rule of thirds exampleI made sure that I was using the rule of thirds method to try and get the best quality out of my image. Using the rule of thirds I was able to straighten my pictures out thoroughly, giving each picture a clean finish. I also briefly edited the photos; I did not want to add too much detail to the editing, as I felt the images were good enough in their own quality. The most editing I did was turning an image into black and white, which made the image appear more striking than in colour because of the tones it was showing. I also have decided to select a few more images that I had taken whilst I was away and edited them.

I really liked playing around with the prison, my favourite was making it symmetrical and desaturated; it gives an eerie feel, and a sense of abandonment to the building. The symmetrical side to the image is very appealing to look at as well, having everything lined up. I did the same with one of the pictures with the cows, which had given me an idea of putting two pages together to make one big picture of it. The image would bring some humour to the picture as well as it being quite striking.

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The panoramic one I would be taking off, as well as the images of Sam (model) and the picture of the boat in the scenic background. From here, I can now focus on my articles for my chosen magazines and start thinking about putting the images onto a layout for my magazine spreads. I feel having a clean grid layout will give the spreads a much cleaner look and will draw people in to the article more, allowing them to focus on one image and the attention to detail of it.

Because my target audience is to adults, I want everything to still be simple and clean, sticking to the theme of minimalism on all of my spreads. The articles I want all age groups (in theory) to be interested in reading or worth being mentioned about to other people. I believe that the cleaner the page, the more people are going to want to look at it and find out more about what the article is talking about.

I have decided to go ahead with Huck magazine only. I decided on this because of it’s simplicity and delicate approach to every page, which will help to compliment my photos. Huck allows a lot of breathing space in the articles, giving a fresh and clean appearance.


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