Runner’s world vs. Computer Arts.

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I came across two other magazines that came to my interest. The July issue of Runners World and saw a lot of similarities alongside with the Women’s Health issue that I had looked at. There is quite a lot of text, as the articles are all detailed with information, but also include a lot of imagery to explain what the article is about. The ratio between text and imagery is on the majority 50:50, giving a nice balance when reading. The columns again are quite simply laid out, ranging from 3-6 (max) columns, making it easy for the viewer to read. One thing that I enjoyed a lot when looking through the magazine was the amount of colour they introduced on the pages. The bright colours complimented the summer theme of the issue, making it a lot more visually appealing to see and draw you into. The way they incorporate the colours with the images also I find go well together, which is what I would like to try out when I make my images. I would like to try and include as much colour and brightness (if necessary) in them.

Computer Arts’ issue of June 2015 presents a similar approach to the use of colour in their magazine. I like how they enjoy the risk of putting lots of colour on one page. I did notice that there was a lot more imagery than text in the majority of the articles however, allowing the images to dominate the pages. I also noticed that the grid layouts were also fairly simple, giving space for the images to be separated, but also easily accessible for the viewers to read the text. What CA does well is allowing appropriate space for the text and image, not allowing them to clash against each other a huge amount. The type varies with the articles, which I think suits the overall theme of the magazine.

image image image imageI am a lot more drawn into magazines that allow enough space between text and imagery alongside with negative spacing, which is why I think I prefer CA over RW. I will take the idea of introducing colour and space from all of the magazines I have looked at, and play around with the themes on my articles, depending on which one(s) it would suit best.

As I was looking through CA, and Huck magazine was advertised, and this magazine I thought looked really clean and simple. As I bought and looked through this adventure issue, I realised this was my favourite magazine of them all; I loved its simple typography and easy to look at imagery. This magazine I would like to use as an example of my magazine for my spreads due to its minimal layout and how they use photography in the majority of the pages, not adding any other attention to detail.


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